Lesa Butler

Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

When you lose your vision, you lose contact with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose contact with people.

-Helen Keller

Hearing Instrument Information and Care

The goal of a well-designed hearing aid is to maximize speech understanding and sound quality. Digital hearing aids have the ability to distinguish the difference between speech and noise. This means that when you are wearing a digital hearing aid and speaking with someone in a social environment, the voice of the person you are talking to will be amplified and the noise will not. This gives you a greater ability to hear speech in social settings.

El Bees Hearing Services is proud to provide the very best and latest in hearing aid technology. Through hearing aid channels and bands we have the ability to adjust each hearing aid to the specific frequencies where you need amplification the most. The number of hearing aid channels and bands needed in a digital hearing aid is determined by the individual hearing test and our Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Styles available:

CIC – Completely in canal – fits deep into the ear canal and are almost invisible; suitable for many levels of hearing loss
ITC – In the canal – small and less noticeable; best suited for mild to mildly severe hearing loss
ITE – In the ear – can be made with a T switch; best suited for mild to profound hearing loss
BTE – Behind the ear – very powerful with custom earmold; best suited for severe and profound hearing loss
OTE – Slim BTE design with thin non occluding ear bud or custom earmold; best suited for moderate to severe hearing loss
HS – Half shell
FS – Full shell

**Ask us about the latest technology that works with external devices such as iphones, televisions, computers etc.

Colors Available, dependending upon style:


**Ask us about other available colors.

Hearing Aid Care & Maintenance:

Research indicates that the typical hearing aids are replaced every 3 to 5 years.  Hearing Instrument Specialists attribute this to the rapid advancement in technology, shapes and styles. At ElBees Hearing Services we provide routine cleanings, adjustments and maintenance for the life of the hearing aid to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from your hearing aids for as long as possible.

The top 5 ways to extend the life of your hearing aid

  •  If the hearing aids are not in your ears, they belong in the case that was provided to you at the time the hearing aids were purchased.  They do not belong in your pocket, the glove compartment or in a dish by your bed.
  •   Use only the cleaning tools provided by your hearing healthcare provider.  Do not improvise by using a paperclip, toothpick or any other handy but pointy object.
  • Avoid using sprays when wearing your hearing aids, hair sprays, cooking and even bug sprays.  The fine mist generated by the spray can clog the tiny holes of the microphone where sound enters the hearing aid.
  • Avoid getting the hearing aids wet.  You are wearing a small electronic mechanism.  Like most electronic devices, it won’t work well if it is exposed to water.
  • Be extra careful when handling the hearing aids when they are not in your ears.  They are small and easy to accidentally drop.  Changing the batteries, placing the hearing aids in your ear and removing the hearing aids should all be done while seated near a soft surface.

If you do get the hearing aid wet, drop the hearing aid or accidentally damage it in any way, don’t attempt to “fix” it yourself.  Sometimes a “home repair” attempt does more harm than good.  Call us we can help.

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